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First Special Service Force...

or as their enemies knew them...the Black Devils!!!
This Website is dedicated to ALL of the members of the First Special Service Force. From those that died in the field, to those who passed after coming home and to those that still live today.

This site was first started as a memorial to my Grandfather Lt. Col. M. Herbert Goodwin who was a 2nd Lieut at the creation of the force in the Canadian Army and a promoted to a Captain by the Force's end. As the site continued to grow and I saw there was no site for the FSSF Association or anyplace to put the stories of individual force vets, so I took it upon myself to make this site fill that void.

In Aug of 2008 during the FSSFA reunion the site was given the honor of becoming the "Official" site of the FSSF Association. And with that there will be much more to come. Thank you to all who have made this possible.
For questions or comments concerning this website please contact me by email and I will try to get back to you at my earliest convenience. info@firstspecialserviceforce.net
If you wish to share stories, pictures and memorabilia of your own as a Force member or of your families like I have then please contact me. We need a place to share the pictures and experiences that we have of our loved ones serving in this incredible military unit. Let's help preserve their heroism.

Please note, I will try my best to do it quickly but this entire site is run out of my free time. And as a business owner with a family and 4 kids that time is limited.
Thank you,
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If you wish to help support this site or just want a really fun shirt to show your pride in your loved one being a Force member then please check out the shirts that I have for sale. I originally made them for myself and my sons and thought others may like them also. All profits made off of the sale go to the upkeep of the site and to the FSSF Association

Please click on the shirts to see the designs available. If you don't see what you are looking for or want a custom made shirt please contact me and I can help you.
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Did you or your Force relative have your V-42 stolen while wounded or on transport coming home. Maybe it got misplaced or sold later. Now you can have a very well made replica of the greatest fighting knife of all time. Designed by Robert T. Frederick for the First Special Service Force it features a skull-cracker butt cap, double-edged blued blade and a stacked leather washer grip.

Great gift for a vet or a "Force" family member. Could be used for Living History also.

There are MANY different replicas of the most coveted war knife in the world. Please click here or the photo for the many options you have to get your very own V-42 replica

Starting at ONLY $29.99!!!  Click HERE
If you wish to pay by check or money order please email me for the address to send it to.
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“Age wrinkles the body.  Quitting wrinkles the soul.” ~ General Douglas MacArthur

As a soldier gets older we sometimes find them handicapped or in nursing homes and hospitals.  As they gave us the comfort of safety, we can give them comfort.  This can be helped along by a simple blanket.

The blankets are $50.00 shipping included*.  They are available in the standard black and red pictured above, but other colors are a possibility.  At approximately 45 inches by 60 inches, they are made of red and black fleece with an inner lining of batting.  A patch will be placed in the upper right hand corner, and the standard is the Red Arrowhead with USA and Canada written on it.  Other patches are possible according to availability.  Requests with an attached check will be fulfilled in the order in which they arrive. 

There are three ways to contribute to our mission.  First, you can send an address of a veteran and a check.  Second, you could send an address of a vet.  This would be placed on a waiting list awaiting funding.  Third, you could send a contribution to help with the funding of waiting veterans.

*Any excess money will go towards blankets for another vet or donated to the First Special Service Force Association.

Click on the BLANKET for the

Made by Tricia Hofeld
FSSF Tours
To learn how you can visit Italy and other areas that members of the FSSF check out the Tours Page.
-Thess tours  are open to all First Special Service Force Veterans, Spouses, Children, grandchildren and friends of the Force, it is an experience that you will never forget

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2014 Reunion Info!!!
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