First Special Service Force Association
The First Special Service Force Association is made up of Force members, Decendants and Family of Force members, Living History Group Members, and friends of The Force.

The FSSFA operates on a fiscal year from July 1 to June 30. Membership dues are due with the start of each fiscal year.

With its beginings starting before the war had even ended just hoping for a reunion, and the people of Helena raising money to build a memorial in Jan 1944. The FSSFA had its meager beginings. In 1947 with the first reunion it was official that the FSSFA be formed. Here are 2 of the newspaper clippings from 8-14-47 and 8-16-47. In 2006 the FSSFA was almost no more as the Vetrans were contemplating shuting it down. Thankfully, the next generation took it upon themselves to continue the FSSFA and it is alive and well today.

If you would like to become a member of the FSSFA please download the available pdf file for the application. FSSFA Application

Applications should be sent to:
First Special Service Force Association
P.O. Box 202
Helena, MT 59624

Please help in keeping the spirt and memory of The Force alive!!!

For any further information please contact the following.

Jim Summersides

Executive Director/Treasurer President Elect
Bill Woon - (406) 495-0382

Canadian Vice President/Reunion Committee Chairman

American Vice President

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