Documentaries about the
First Special Service Force
Here are a list of video documentaries about the First Special Service Force that I have available to watch. Thanks to the bandwidth on Youtube to keep my costs down you can watch each one in 10 minute sections. Click on each PART number to view the video.

Please note: I have many more videos to come but these things take time to do. If you have a video that is not on the list please email me at as I am always looking for more. I will be happy to pay for any shipping costs and of course I will return your video after I convert it.

Devil's Brigade: To Helena and Back

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Devil's Brigade TV Series - 2006

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Our Grandpa was a "Black Devil"

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Suicide Missions: The Black Devils

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Books about the First Special Service Force
Here are a list of various books about the First Special Service Force that you can buy from various websites. Click on the cover to see a larger image or click on any one of the prices to buy them online.

Assorted Videos about FSSF

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The post WWII story of the First Special Service Force. This book tells the story of peacetime bonding of the Force veterans over the 61 years after the war.

More than a dozen books have been written about the Force and thousands about WWII. But never before has any dealt with the post-war years.

If you are interested in purchasing this book please send a check or money order in the amount of $44.50 to cover the book and shipping costs to:

Tom Hope
58 Carverdale Drive
Rochester, NY 14618-4004

Daring to Die: The Story of the Black Devils

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Newest Book about the FSSF by Ken Joyce
"Crimson Spearhead"
A follow-up to the highly acclaimed "Into the Maelstrom" this book covers the history, uniforms and insignia of the joint US-Canada First Special Service Force. 188pp., 296 b&w images, hard cover.

Price CDN$59.95

You can purchase this on Ebay often times or go to Then on the left click on general titles and you will find the book on that page.
SPLENDOR FROM DARKNESS by William Davey has just been published and is available on Amazon. He was an officer in the FSSF (see page 322 of Burhans book).  Although fiction, all the details are based on facts during FSSF action during WW2 in North Africa and Southern France. Part of proceeds to benefit SFA

To buy this book, email:

Or buy it on Amazon here: Splendor From Darkness