Daniel (Dannie) Serrick
1 Regiment (2 Company)
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Number: U/1805
Date Of Death: 29th May 1944
Age: 23
Gravesite: Beach Head War Cemetery,Anzio,Italy XVII.A.3
Additional Information: Canada
born 14.9.1920 Jollimore,Nova Scotia
date of birth "14.10.1920" in other source (error)
son of Daniel W. and Mabel E.Serrick,North-West Arm,Halifax,Nova Scotia
resided Halifax,Nova Scotia
to England
enlisted September 1938
2 Bn Manchester Regiment
evacuated from Dunkirk
Commandos 1941-42
2 Canadian Parachute Bn 1942
FSSF December 1942
awarded Silver Star (posthumous)

KIA - 29 May 1944 Anzio,Italy

Thanks to Dave Gilhen for submitting info and photos
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D. Serrick (original grave marker)
D. Serrick's medals
D. Serrick (FSSF Memorial,Helena)
1 Regiment (2 Company)
winter training 1943
D. Serrick KIA 1944 (see Roll of Honour)
A.G. Rusconi (Regina,Saskatchewan)

Boxing Brothers - Dannie and Ric Serrick c. 1926.jpg -  As you can see, Dannie’s (on the left) training began very early
Daniel's Sr. & Jr. Serrick Late 1920's
Dannie with his parents Daniel Sr. & Mabel (nee Bourne) Serrick on what would turn out to be his last visit home in early summer 1943.
Mel Coppell + Dan Serrick - Sailing off to enlist in the Manchester Regiment Sept 1938.jpg – Mel & Dannie were amongst the last soldiers evacuated at Dunkirk having performed rearguard actions as machine gunners with the 2nd Manchesters. After the war in 1948 Mel would wed Dan’s younger sister Evelyn.

Post card to his sister 1942
Post Date: December 10th 1942
Dear Sis:I'm still going,three days and 3 nights I'm getting fed up.We reach our destination in about 6 hours ( St.Helena)
Cheerio for the present
All the best Dan

Letter home to his sister Evelyn from Daniel Serrick - post marked Oct 11, 1943 Burlington, Vermont

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Halifax Hundred - Halifax Herald 1947 Article mentioning Dannie but also provides you a little more background to the '100' story.
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Serrick Brothers
Halifax Herald - Daniel Serrick Silver Star Presentation Feb 12 1947